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‘Ulalena is a must-see attraction when on Maui. In fact, you can only see ‘Ulalena on Maui! You’ll be swept away on the same journey as the Hawaiian people – from the creation of the islands to the early island explorers. You’ll visit volcanoes, vast oceans and primeval rainforests while meeting the Gods who rule each.

A family-friendly & award-winning show, ‘Ulalena blends traditional theatre with acrobatic feats of strength and beauty. Together, the rich costumes, lighting and stage effects transform the Maui Theatre into an intimate oasis. Expect to be mesmerized by ‘Ulalena from beginning to end.

“Beautiful depiction of Hawaii’s history”
– New York Times
– San Francisco Chronicle
“Important Hawaiian Mythology Which
Has Otherwise Gone Untold...”
“Maui's Most Astounding Performing Arts Show”

is in the first half of the theatre, consisting of the first 7 rows in the center and the first 5 on the side wings. This package includes an extra 20-minute behind-the-scenes session with the cast.

Gold Seats
are located in the second half of the theatre; in the center section from the 8th-14th rows and on the sides from the 6th-12th.

Silver Seats
are in the last two rows at the sides of the theatre.

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